Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Kingdom Rush Frontiers!

An item in my Steam inventory piqued my interest and imagine my surprise when I found a discount to a game sequel I played the hell out of. Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game with cute charming graphics, and as I'm a sucker for tower defense games it did indeed take up many a spare hour.

Kingdom Rush Frontier continues the storyline (yes, there is actually something to follow in these games!) and I'm hoping the great gameplay. The original game offered challenges to achieve and of course required you to think strategically and tactically.

So here goes. My first boot up of Kingdom Rush Frontiers. The art style is the same and that's fine by me cos I love it. You can only choose 1 Hero at the very start, but you can improve their skills :

Each Hero has different utility and you'll fine them useful in different situations, so expect to be restarting a few times to re-select your Hero for one that is better suited to your enemies. My favourite so far has to be the Pirate, he's just great, and he gives extra coins when enemies die near him, and that constant boost is so so useful.

The comic style artwork at the start of each chapter is so cool and I really enjoy it. It adds a nice little touch.

Each level of the campaign will give you a little backstory and the option to do the level on Heroic or Iron. These add a new challenge by restricting what buildings you can use or no Hero etc. As you progress further into the game, the levels even on Normal will present a decent challenge, but it makes you think, and it makes you want to try new tactics and think strategically, and it keeps me busy for long periods of time. 

I've played it for a few hours, and I'll be playing it through to the end like I did the original. It's a great, challenging little game that is only £6.99 so it's a cheap little sink for how many hours you'll get out of it. 

Check it out!

Monday, 25 July 2016

World of Warcraft : Gold making tips Legion pre patch!

Many people will have noticed the surge in economy as returning players get ready for Legion at the end of August. The pre patch is a great little window for you to make some fast and easy gold without any real effort.

Legion brings with it the wardrobe, and this means every piece of clothing that is your main cloth spec (ie, mail for hunters, plate for warriors etc) will be saved permanently, and you can browse which ones you haven't collected. This has created a boom in terms of transmog sales, as many people work on filling up their collection.

After running a few instances, I've found that people are snapping up all kinds of items. A BRD run netted me more than 1k for, as did BFD. Some green gear sells for over 1k a piece, and some ultra rare ones have been seen to sell for 400k! 

Lets not forget the new recipes that have come out using old world materials, these have been selling at a premium. Many new characters will need to level professions with the release of Demon Hunters, so combining these two makes a spare 20 minutes collecting resources really worthwhile.

On my server, I've found the following to be great items to sell (just a few):

  • Arcane Crystals (as always, 30 minutes farming got me about 25, sold at 300g each)
  • Dark Iron Ore
  • Volatile Air and Fire, Earth
  • Most Cloth (check your AH, as low level sells for high prices on mine)
  • Fel Iron
  • Adamantite
  • Mote of Mana (I sold 50 for 400g, not bad for a fast run of Karazhan)
  • Recipe drops

Most common profession items for leveling are great gold makers for a small amount of effort, and while you may think some of these are small change, when you have a lot of them for sale, the gold soon starts to flow in. I'm stockpiling crafting materials that currently have a low sale price on my server, as I suspect they will jump in price once Legion hits. Patience is always great when working the AH!

If you're a collector yourself, you'll be running instances to get all your wardrobe full, don't npc the greens, AH them and see what you get.

The wardrobe has also made shirt prices to jump in price. As well as the fact some shirts are now unobtainable, it's worth checking any low level alts, as the Rugged Trappers shirt as shown below, was the starting outfit to level 1 characters and many people may have a forgotten alt hiding a small treasure.

Time Investment

So, lets talk in terms of time. A quick run through Deadmines, or Shadowfang Keep for example will take you less than 10 minutes, and everything you loot should be worth trying to AH. FYI : SFK is the instance with Gloomshroud Armor, the item that sells for 400k on my server and at a premium on many others. So if you have a spare bit of time, while you wait for dinner in the oven or whatever you're doing, take a stroll through a dungeon and see if you're lucky.

The best way of listing items on the AH

I used to use Auctioneer but I still found it slightly laborious. Hello, WoW Armory App! The app is so handy for listing items on the AH quickly and with little effort, as it will automatically check prices and undercut by 1c, so  you don't need to waste time setting prices. I don't know how I went so long without it, and now I couldn't go back to selling via the ingame AH.

This post is mainly about making gold for minimum effort, and minimum time. When Legion hits, I'll look again at the best ways to make gold with the new changes and ingame landscape, in the meantime, good luck!